What is CX Cloud? 

CX Cloud provides cloud contact centre solutions to help businesses and organisations of all sizes, across all industries, improve their productivity, customer service and operational efficiency. We help businesses to provide their customers fast, efficient and successful service. 


What is a cloud contact centre? 

A cloud contact centre operates through a web-based platform, as opposed to traditional premises-based contact centres. Cloud contact centres are not bound by a physical location, meaning that agents are able to work remotely from across the world. 


What are the benefits of a cloud contact centre? 

There are myriad benefits to having a cloud contact centre, including flexibility and scalability, ease of implementation, ability to reduce overhead costs, optimised security, and the ability to improve the customer experience by meeting evolving expectations. 


Why choose CX Cloud? 

CX Cloud can provide your contact centre with the solutions needed to maximise efficiency and, ultimately, improve customer satisfaction. CX Cloud’s software solutions do this by streamlining communication channels into a single interface and providing detailed reports and analytics.  


What is the difference between a cloud contact centre and a premises-based contact centre? 

A cloud contact centre operates through a web-based platform, whereas a premises-based contact centre is based in a physical, bricks-and-mortar location. As such, cloud contact centres are able to hire agents remotely and do not necessitate many of the costs associated with premises-based contact centres, such as rent, utilities and hardware costs. 


Are CX Cloud’s solutions available for premises-based contact centres? 

Yes. CX Cloud’s contact centre solutions are available for premises-based contact centres as well as cloud contact centres.


Does CX Cloud have a pay as you go option?

Yes. CX Cloud offers affordable access to cloud contact centre solutions through pay as you go pricing models. This means that you only have to pay for what you use. 


What is CX Cloud’s Agent Interface? 

CX Cloud’s Agent Interface provides your contact centre’s agents with a straightforward and intuitive interface that helps to improve efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. The Agent Interface’s key features include skills-based routing, a customisable layout, call recording, built-in call back and much more. 


What is CX Cloud’s Supervisor Interface? 

CX Cloud’s Supervisor Interface provides contact centre managers and team leaders with real-time, easy-to-use snapshots of your contact centre activity. By providing supervisors with a comprehensive toolset for managing and supporting agents, your contact centre efficiency and performance can drastically improve. 


What is CX Cloud’s Virtual Assistant? 

CX Cloud’s Virtual Assistant provides your contact centre with the efficiency and speed of Artificial Intelligence combined with the expertise and finesse of a human agent. Our Virtual Assistant can provide bot support to agents, by answering FAQs and providing a comprehensive history of a customer’s journey. 


What is Multi-Channel Routing? 

CX Cloud’s software solutions offer multi-channel routing with universal queuing, which enables the seamless integration of multiple channels – including phone, voicemail, email, chat and social media – into a single, comprehensible interface. All of these channels are managed and tracked inside a single database. 


What is CX Cloud’s Outbound Dialling? 

CX Cloud’s software solutions are able to provide your contact centre with the ability to perform outbound dialling. Using advanced algorithms based on real-time massive simulation, proactive outbound dialling enables timely and relevant information to be communicated to customers. 


How long does it take to set up CX Cloud’s software solutions?

CX Cloud’s contact centre solutions can be set up, ready for use in a matter of days. Moreover, CX Cloud ensures minimal downtime thanks to automatic upgrades as well as no maintenance costs. 


Does CX Cloud have any limitations regarding contact centre size? 

No, there is no maximum or minimum size that your contact centre has to be in order to be able to use CX Cloud’s software solutions. One of the primary benefits of our solutions are that they are flexible and scalable.