Maintaining Balance Between Live Agents and AI in a Cloud Contact Centre

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In an increasingly fast-paced world, the expectations of modern consumers are continually evolving. Now more than ever, customers expect almost immediate responses from businesses when they have a question or issue. Recent data gathered by Salesforce reveals that 64% of consumers expect real-time responses, with millennials in particular having an expectation of instant replies. While … Read more

How a Cloud Contact Centre Can Improve Business Continuity

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The past year has highlighted—more than ever before—the importance for businesses to be agile and flexible in their approach to remote work. Interruptions to normal operations can be extremely costly within any industry, and it is vital that companies consider how to maintain business continuity during tumultuous times. In 2020, nearly a third of the … Read more

How to Adapt to Evolving Customer Expectations

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Quality customer service is an unambiguous expectation from consumers in the digital age. As experiences with Artificial Intelligence (AI) become more commonplace and expand into business communication portals, expectations on our human counterparts also increases. While nothing will ever beat the personal touch of an expert agent, 2020 has highlighted the need for companies to … Read more

Why You Need A Cloud Contact Centre to Future Proof Your Business

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In recent years, a growing number of businesses have moved away from traditional, premises-based contact centres in favour of a cloud-based approach. Research shows that 90% of organisations currently use some form of cloud computing in their operations. In addition, in 2019, some 60% of workloads run via the cloud (compared to 45% in 2018). … Read more

How Small and Medium Sized Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Cloud Contact Centres

Cloud Contact Centres

In light of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, cloud contact centres can provide a seamless transition from an office arrangement to a remotely accessible and safe platform. CX Cloud, powered by Enghouse Interactive, offers cloud contact centre solutions to help businesses of all sizes enhance their customer service outputs and securely manage data. Small and … Read more

AI in a Cloud Contact Centre


Cloud contact centres are network-based services that provide a web-based alternative to traditional premises-based models. For instance, cloud contact centres are not restricted by a fixed geographic location; agents can be employed from around the world and simply need a computer, headset, and internet connection. As the popularity of cloud-based contact centres has proliferated, so … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Contact Centres: Our Top 7 Posts

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There’s a lot of information available online when it comes to cloud contact centres. This makes it increasingly difficult to pinpoint information that is relevant to you and your business. So, we’ve compiled a summary of our top seven blog posts to create the ultimate guide to cloud contact centres. These posts will tell you … Read more

How to Optimise Frontline Engagement with a Cloud Contact Centre

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Cloud contact centres allow you to handle customer interactions, provide customer service and answer customer calls through a web-based platform. CX Cloud, which is powered by Enghouse Interactive, enables businesses to maximise the potential of their contact centre. Of the many benefits a cloud contact centre can offer your business (particularly in comparison to a … Read more

What is a Cloud Contact Centre?

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With the proliferation of technology in all aspects of our lives, businesses are being forced to change and adapt. Increasingly, businesses are moving from a reliance on traditional forms of infrastructure to new technologies and platforms to stay relevant in an ever-changing market. One significant way this is happening is through the introduction of cloud-based … Read more

Top Benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre

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Cloud contact centres are network-based services that enable you to handle customer interactions, provide customer service and take customer calls online through a web-accessible platform. CX Cloud, powered by Enghouse Interactive, is a cloud contact centre solution that helps businesses to maximise the value of their customer interactions. With CX Cloud, all interaction channels – … Read more